Mini Tidbits

My Hubby freaks every time he sees pictures of cats standing…he says they are the devil when they do this…I love showing them to him : )

This describes my work place lately…..


Life is complicated

I have been away from tumblr, mostly because life gets busy. My daughter graduating, big changes at work, my hubby’s business, etc.

During this time my daughter introduced me to Yoga. Need to get a little more exercise, blood pressure was going to kill me if I didn’t.

I have to admit, it helped. I found myself a little more relax, helps in toning the body, clears the mind.

Well that is what I thought until the other night. Remy, my loving cat, decided that he felt it maybe too relaxing for me….

At least he understand what Cat pose is….

Congrats My wonderful daughter!

Yes,  few tears were shed.

My youngest, graduating from College. It was an emotional roller coaster for not only me but her also.

The ceremony was nice, she made us proud having honors. Now the next step in life. Job.

I realized that this is just another step. Somehow we think that this will be an end in something, but it is only another chapter in life.

Daughter, I am proud of you and the person you have become.

Happy Birthday Alex (Squirrel)!

May the “crow” make your birthday a happy one!

My hubby the charmer…

Yes, at one time my hubby as a real charmer.

Well he could charm the pants of anyone, literally.

As he has gotten older, his techniques are not as good and maybe he has just gotten lazy.

The other day I the store waiting in line, he spent much of the time making comments about this person and that person, just small sarcastic remarks, inappropriate comments and how things are and aren’t by his standards, etc.

When I got up to the cashier she kept giving me looks and then I realized that my hubby was at it again but this time directing the comments at me. Oh how my signature was awful and how I swiped my card (do a little backhand swipe), etc.

As he walked away and the cashier gave me the receipt, she could not help but say “Boy he is a real charmer”.

He then asked me was we walked out of the store what the cashier said to me. I told him that she said that he was a charmer. He then puffed up and walked out like a Rooster in the barnyard.

Oh yes the real charmer he is……

Real World of Interviews

Not sure if my youngest is ready for the real world.
She has a phone interview today, and in speaking with her, she couldn’t decide if she should: wear a bra, dress up, stay in her pajamas, put on makeup, tell them about her cats, pump herself up by playing music…
Or talk about the recruiter’s career laspe as a home-maker on her linkedin profile, I guess I was sort of proud she did her research before calling the recruiter?

I did bet her that if she makes it through the phone interview and get an in person interview, I would make her triffle.

I am the grandmother.

The other day I was at my daughter’s house and I was playing with Arya, her cat. Arya talks all the time and you can have great conversations with her. Well apparently my conversations are no longer allowed. Arya would come up to my face and meow and then sniff my face, so I sniffed her face back.This went on for a couple of minutes until my daughter notice and freaked.

My daughter then gave me a lecture on how I just disrupted the dominance  relationship with the cat. Copying her moves was a signal to her that she was suppose to be the dominance one and this confused her. Now she had to “fix it” after I leave.

I told her than my purpose here is done, as a grandma my job is to spoil and confuse the grandchildren, and then leave them to the parents to sort it out.

My daughter did not find that too funny…..